Woodland Cuff

Black or Amber

THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE CUFF ONLY - you choose the colour!

This solid leather cuff is handmade from a single piece of 8 to 9 oz full-grain Italian cowhide, and has been embossed with a woodland scene design, then dyed a rich amber, or a dyed-through black, and sealed with a protective coating of wax. Like you we're sick of vinyl filled with dryer fluff being labelled as so called "Genuine Leather," and we make our cuffs with longevity in mind. We also use natural treatments on the leather, which is tanned using oak bark, meaning that from start to finish our cuffs are made using environmentally-responsible and non-toxic methods and materials.

This cuff is 1.5” wide, and is available in a variety of lengths to suit your wrist - just measure the circumference of your wrist where you will be wearing the cuff and find it on the list (if your measurement is between sizes, always default to a little bigger than a little smaller!). If you have a wrist circumference that is larger or smaller than the listed options, contact us regarding custom sizing. Note that we also make adjustable versions of our cuffs - very useful when you are purchasing a gift and don’t quite know the recipient’s size.

Note that, as leather is an organic medium and our items are handmade, the final crafted item will vary somewhat in appearance from the photography. Further note that, as these cuffs are custom-sized, they are made to order, so please allow up to a week production time before the cuff ships.

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