Wide Runic Belt

Black or Brown

THIS LISTING IS FOR 1 BELT ONLY - you choose the colour!

This solid leather belt is handmade from a single piece of 8 to 9 oz full-grain Italian cowhide, embossed with Elder Futhark design (the runic language of the Vikings), dyed through for extra resilience from scratches and gouges, and sealed with a protective coating of wax. Unlike the laminated, bonded, aggregate, or simply fake "genuine leather" belts you find in all department stores and malls, a real, solid leather belt can last decades with proper care - that's why companies generally don't make them anymore, they last too long and they want to sell you another one! Like you we're sick of vinyl filled with dryer fluff being labelled as leather, and we make our belts with longevity in mind.

We also use natural treatments on the leather, which is tanned using oak bark, meaning that from start to finish our belts are made using environmentally-reponsible and non-toxic methods and materials. Our metal components are also almost exclusively made in Canada or the US, ensuring that we are supporting regulated working conditions and fair wages - and not getting pot metal from China!

This is our wide width (1.75"), so you may wish to measure the belt loops on your intended pants to confirm they can accommodate it. The buckle shown is included with the belt and is attached with snaps not rivets, which makes swapping in and out custom buckles easy.

Typically the best method to gauge your belt size, at least in North America, is to take your pant size and go up by two inches - so if you wear a 34" pant you'll want a 36" belt. If you have an odd sized pant measurement, such as 33", we would recommend defaulting to a size three inches up rather than one (so a 33" pant would use a 36" belt). If you are unsure of your belt size please include your hip or waist measurement from where you wear your pants, or measure from the base of the buckle to the hole you are using on an existing belt that fits. Be careful not to rely on the listed measurement of old belts or jeans, as these can often stretch over time. If you require a size larger or smaller than the listed options, please contact us (button at the bottom of the page) to confirm availability of appropriate leather before purchasing.

Note that, as leather is an organic medium and our items are handmade, the final crafted item will vary somewhat in appearance from the photography. Further note that these belts are made to order, so please allow up to one week's production time before the belt ships.

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