Sideshow Journal Cover

5 x 8 Black

This solid leather journal cover is handmade from solid 7 to 8 oz full-grain Italian cowhide, is completely hand-stitched, is lined with smooth leather to be gentle on its contents, has been embossed with a gator skin pattern, and features a colour-treated leather insert (our own process!) depicting vintage photograph of a circus sword-swallower.

This journal cover is designed to be refilled! No longer are you bound to a fixed journal that only lasts you however many pages, this journal will accept any 5" by 8" insert (notebooks, agendas, sketchbooks, or even many paperback novels will fit). As you are able to refill the journal, it can stay with you for a lifetime!

We also use natural treatments on the leather, which is tanned using oak bark, meaning that from start to finish our journals are made using environmentally-reponsible and non-toxic methods and materials. Our metal components are also almost exclusively made in Canada or the US, ensuring that we are supporting regulated working conditions and fair wages - and not getting pot metal from China!

Note that, as leather is an organic medium and our items are handmade, the final crafted item will vary somewhat in appearance from the photography. Further note that these journals are made to order, so please allow up to one week's production time before the journal ships. A lined notebook insert is included, but note that it may vary in appearance based on current availability.

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