Tentacle Collar (9 Colours)
Tentacle Collar (9 Colours)

Tentacle Collar (9 Colours)

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This heart-shaped solid leather collar is handmade from quality 8 to 9 oz full-grain Italian cowhide. The sensual, curvaceous shape of this collar follows the collarbone and gets out of the way of the trachea, making it comfortable to wear and Adam's apple neutral.

The Black and Brown versions are made from a softer leather that we are able to drum-dye, meaning it is dyed all the way through, resulting in a leather that is highly resilient against scuffs and marring, and soft and smooth enough to be used without lining leather.  The other finishes are a tougher, more durable leather, and thus include a softer black leather lining. (Photography of missing finishes coming soon!)

  • The SMALL collar is adjustable for necks 11" to 13"
  • The MEDIUM collar is adjustable for necks 13" to 15"
  • The LARGE collar is adjustable for necks 15" to 17"

NOTE - As our items are made to order, please allow 3-5 business days prior to shipping.
NOTE - As leather is an organic material, and our dyes are natural, the colour of the final product may vary somewhat from the photography, and that colour may evolve with age.
NOTE - Our leather has good fibre structure, so may be a little stiff at first, but regular wear (and leather oil) will soften it dramatically. This choice of an initially firm leather is deliberate as it allows for maximum durability and longevity.