Dragon Wing Slapper
Dragon Wing Slapper
Dragon Wing Slapper

Dragon Wing Slapper

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This handmade solid leather slapper is crafted from two or three layers (your choice) of thick, 8 to 9 ounce Italian cowhide.  The two layers allows for a satisfying "Slap!" upon impact, and the three layers is an option for those who want extra "Umph!"

These slappers are a full 15" long, with a 5" handle and a 10" blade, so you have a generous working area.

The design follows the tradition of curvaceous Grecian leaf-blade swords.  This shape fits the hand, and the tapering tip of the business end allows for variation of sensation, from a hard paddling to a tip stinging.  The slapper is sturdy enough in fact that you can reverse it and use the handle end and trailing leather cord for even more types of sensation.

Regardless of whether you choose two or three layers for the business end, the handle is three layers, for a nice, thick comfortable and controllable grip.  The handle features a pommel hole, perfect for displaying the slapper handily on the wall of your bedroom or dungeon.  The cord laced through the pommel hole is also removable, should you prefer.

The leather used on the Black and Brown variants of this slapper is drum-dyed, meaning it is dyed all the way through, making them largely immune to scratches and wear marks for their long lifetime.  And given that we offer free repairs for life, you can expect that will be a long life indeed.

  • NOTE - Our items are made to order, so please allow 3 to 5 business days for crafting prior to shipping.
  • NOTE - As leather is an organic medium and our items are handmade, the colour of your item may vary somewhat from the photography, and it may evolve with age.

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