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I've worn a Labyrinth belt like this one every day for about 13 years and I wouldn't change a thing. I bought this belt to accompany my other one so I wouldn't have to keep swapping it between my different pants. I received it in the mail quickly. It looks really good and has all the quality I expected. I'm stoked for another decade or two or three of wearing a Labyrinth belt every day.

Erik Bowden

Wow! This is by far the best belt I own! Not only is this shop's customer service above the stars I'm allotted to give, shipping is fast! I had my belt modified to a slight custom proportion, and received excellent communication so that my request was done perfect! My belt is very well made for the years and years of wear I will get, a handcrafted item that is clearly artistically done by someone with skill in their trade, and no lack of detail or care! If you don't understand why someone can get so enthused over such a belt, it just means that you don't own one yet! I suggest you find one in this shop!

JKDK Designs

This belt is no joke. I have a feeling this will get handed down to my grandchildren. The quality is very high and there is no doubt it will last a long time. I no longer have to buy cheap cardboard belts every 5-6 months now. Thank you guys so much for offering such a well crafted product.

Erik Griffin

LOVE THIS BELT SOOOOOOO MUCH! It is all that I hoped for and more. I wanted to replace the belt I got my husband 24 years ago (when we were 21) with one that was the same amazing look and quality. This was it! This belt will last decades. Thank you so much! Phenomenal price for quality. Quick and safe shipping, too.

Krista Charles

Beautiful! The watch strap is exactly what I was looking for. Great value for such a quality item. I will be buying from Labyrinth Leathercraft in the future!

John Cameron

This wonderfully crafted belt was shipped quickly and given to my husband for our 3 year anniversary. He loves it!! Such a great belt that I highly recommend. Seller even emailed thanking me for the order and wanted me to let them know when I received it so they could make sure everything was correct and I was happy.

Kim Cummings

I'm so blown away by the quality of the belt I ordered. The leather is such good quality as are the studs and buckle. I'm so happy with my purchase I'll be sharing the store details with my friends.

Julie Matthews

Excellent quality. Surpassed my expectations. It arrived very fast and the first rate gift wrapping job was a very nice touch. We need to support quality crafts people by purchasing from them when we find them. Trust that you will find excellent value if you purchase from this vendor.

Shawn Hughes

This watch band is absolutely beautiful and extremely well made. Customer service was also exceptional. Would not hesitate to purchase from again. Thank you and thank you and thank you again!!!

Josie Terhune