Diamond Stud Belt
Diamond Stud Belt
Diamond Stud Belt
Diamond Stud Belt
Diamond Stud Belt

Diamond Stud Belt

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This handmade solid leather belt is crafted from a single piece of over 1/8" thick, quality full grain Italian leather, dyed through for resilience against wear, and studded in a diamond pattern, in your choice of steel studs with a bare steel, black coat, or brass finish.  The studs are set with a professional press, and the tongs that attach them are back-folded into the leather, ensuring that they will never pop out.

This is the wide belt width of 1.75", which will fit almost all jeans in North America, but may not fit some pants and dress pants, so be sure to measure your belt loops to confirm they can accommodate it, especially if you are in a country that uses metric.

The buckle attaches with snaps, so that you may swap in your own custom belt buckle should you wish.

SIZING - Belt size is NOT the same as pant size. Generally for men, it's approximately 2" to 4" up, but the best way to determine belt size is by measuring an existing belt. Measure from the base of the buckle (where it meets the leather) to the hole you are currently using. This is how belt size is defined, so if it measures 38", you need a size 38 belt.

SOFT VS. STRONG - We choose our leathers with longevity in mind, so we emphasize quality leather with a good fibre structure. This means that the leather will be a little stiff at first, but as it is a tooling leather, it will soften and form to you quite dramatically. Don't fall for leather belts sold soft - they don't last.

CRAFTING TIME - Our items take between 5 to 12 business days to craft depending on the item and order size. You will be contacted shortly after ordering with an expected crafting and shipping time.

SHIPPING TIME - Our orders ship via Canada Post; Air Mail for international destinations, and Expedited Parcel for domestic destinations. Note that international destinations do not include tracking (except occasionally on very costly orders), as with Canada Post that more than doubles the cost and we would not be able to offer the rates that we do. Instead, we absorb the risk that the package goes missing (we'll send out a new one), so that we can offer more inexpensive shipping to our customers. You will be emailed an automatic notification when your order ships, and this notification will include the tracking number if your order qualifies for tracking.

Domestic (Canada) - Highly variable depending on location, but approximately 5 to 10 business days. All orders have tracking.

United States - Typically 7 to 10 business days. Most orders do not feature tracking.

International - Highly variable depending on your location and your country's customs practices, but typically no more than 15 to 21 business days. Most orders do not feature tracking.

DUTIES AND TAXES - If you are a domestic (Canadian) customer, you will be assessed Canadian taxes appropriate to your province, and there will be no further charges upon delivery. If you are an international customer, you must realize that - like all but the very biggest internet vendors - I cannot legally assess and remit the duties your country may choose to levy on imports. Most countries use a lottery system, and I find that most of my packages make it through un-assessed, but I can in no way guarantee that any package will be immune to import charges, as these are entirely outside of my control.

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