Dome Stud Belt - 1 Row
Dome Stud Belt - 1 Row
Dome Stud Belt - 1 Row
Dome Stud Belt - 1 Row

Dome Stud Belt - 1 Row

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This handmade solid leather belt is crafted from a single piece of thick, quality full grain Italian leather, dyed-through for excellent resilience against scratches and wear, and then studded with steel studs. The tongs that hold them in place are back-folded into the leather, so they are extremely secure and difficult to remove from the leather - no more missing studs!

This is the narrow belt width of 1.0", which will fit almost all jeans and dress pants in North America, but you may wish to measure your belt loops to confirm they can accommodate it, especially if you are in a country that uses metric.

The buckle attaches with snaps, so that you may swap in your own custom belt buckle should you wish.

The black and steel studs are steel, the black being coated, and all of them have a hard coat over top to help prevent scratches and tarnishing.

SIZING - Belt size is NOT the same as pant size. The best way to determine belt size is by measuring an existing belt.  Measure from the base of the buckle (where it meets the leather) to the hole you are currently using.  This is how belt size is defined, so if it measures 38", you need a size 38 belt.

  • NOTE - As our items are made to order, please allow time prior to shipping for crafting.
  • NOTE - As leather is an organic medium, and the dyes we use are natural, the colour of the final product may vary somewhat from the photography, and that colour may evolve with time.
  • NOTE - The black and studs feature a protective coating, but it is still possible for them to get scratched.  This is impossible to avoid, as the universe has yet to give us black metals!
  • NOTE - If you need a size outside of our standard size range, we may be able to help!  Just contact us to check in about the availability of suitable leather.

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