Basketweave Watch Cuff
Basketweave Watch Cuff
Basketweave Watch Cuff
Basketweave Watch Cuff
Basketweave Watch Cuff

Basketweave Watch Cuff

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This 1.5" (3.8 cm) wide solid leather cuff is handmade from a single piece of quality 8 to 9 oz full-grain Italian cowhide, and is embossed with a Basketweave design, a classic Western Americana design.  It is designed so that you may use it either as an adjustable cuff bracelet, or you can mount a watch face on it and use it as your watch band.

We have two sizes of watch cuff body, to fit differently-sized wrists:

  • Our small watch cuff fits wrists 6" to 7" (15 to 18 cm).
  • Our medium watch cuff fits wrists 7" to 8.5" (18 cm to 22 cm).

We have two sizes of inner band, to fit differently-sized watch faces:

  • Our standard inner band fits watch pins from 15 to 19 mm.
  • The wide inner band fits watch pins from 20 to 25 mm.

    If you aren't using the cuff to mount a watch, choose the standard inner band if you want a thinner strap and smaller buckle, or the wide inner band if you want a wider strap and a chunkier buckle.

    If you are using it to mount a watch, ensure your watch face is no more than 50 mm (2") in diameter (from pin to pin), and that there is some space between the pin and the face for the band to weave through.

    Generally most watches designed for leather or replaceable bands will fit just fine.  If you are unsure of fit, consider bringing the strap to a jeweller or clocksmith, as they will be able to point the right faces out to you and mount them for you.

    When applying the watch face, simply weave the inner band through the gap between the pin and face, underneath, and up through the other pin, then down into the slot.

    If you find you have extra strap after finding your comfortable setting, note that we make the straps with a waterproofed leather, so they can be trimmed without needing to be resealed.

    • NOTE - As our items are handmade to order, please allow 6 business days prior to shipping for crafting.
    • NOTE - The medium watch cuff body is pictured, the small version loses some of the patterned area.
    • NOTE - As our items are handmade, and leather is an organic medium, the colour of the final product may vary somewhat from the photography and may evolve with age.